A digital asset layer protocol
is the infrastructure of asset Internet.

Any peer-to-peer financial applications and asset applications
from institutions and individuals could be built on Bytom chain.

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Consensus algorithm
promotes AI techniques
Calculation power actually using


Customize Your Smart contract
Completely control assets


Digital Asset Atomic Transfer
High concurrent exchange
Adaptable to different business environments


Rapid and steady development,to achieve our goal.

  • Project Established

    The Bytom Blockchain project formally begins in January 2017.

  • Testnet Released

    Bytom 0.1.0 BigBang version released. China Hangzhou’s First Public Chain Bytom Releases The Alpha Testnet "BigBang".

  • Mainnet launched

    Version 1.0 of the Bytom Blockchain(Mainnet) is officially released.

  • Mainnet Swap

    Complete Mainnet swap, POW support and optimization.

  • Smart Contract Launch

    BThe release of smart contract also marks the establishment of its core, which will further promote the commercialization of the project.

  • Network / Basic Expansions / Contract Support

    Network: Large-scale deployment and monitoring of full nodes and light nodes, and peer-to-peer network communication and route upgrades.
    Basic Expansions: Polish Blockchain Explorer, mobile wallet, ODIN-based public chain ID system.
    Contract Support: SDK Development, Enterprise-level Smart Asset Signature System, Bytom Virtual, Machine(BVM) Multi-language Support Phase1.

  • ToB DAPP Development Support

    Business side compliance commercial application DAPP development support: Corporate Digital Financial Management System, Multi-asset configuration DAPP series, Peer-to-peer financial application suite, Blockchainized assets market, BVM Virtual Machine Multi-language Support Phase2.

  • Ecosystem and Business

    1、The first batch of partners reach cooperation. 2、Realize the circulation of multiple asset on chain. 3、Bytom First Developer Conference Bytom Devcon 1. 4、Bytom Asset Ecology Conference Asset 2020


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Let us embrace this intelligent blockchain era with Bytom!


  • Oracle

    Consistently deliver the highest levels of security, reliability, efficiency, and performance for a wide range of enterprise applications.

  • Decentralized

    A decentralized trading system built on Bytom can place asseting custody, matching transactions, and asset clearing on the blockchain through open source smart contracts.

  • P2P clearing
    Payment systems

    Decentralized exchange built on Bytom does not need to rely on a third party service to hold the customer’s funds. Instead, trades occur directly between users through an automated process.

  • Bytom

    Bytom wallet allows you to trade with the entire world. You can receive BTM from other people using BTM addresses generated in Bytom wallets and vice versa Download

  • Identity

    using Blockchain technology that hash proves the contents of the file and the time stamp proves when the document was created, Bytom can provide a secure, traceable data transaction service to any identy verification.

  • Asset

    All aspects of asset registration, transaction, and settlement can be completed on the bytom blockchain. In this whole process, Bytom is precisely the role of the "infrastructure" of the asset tokenization.


Celebrated Institutions and companies,build an enormous and multivariate ecology.